Only one-on-one sessions at PowerBrain Rx!

Why one-on-one brain training sessions classes (such as what we do in PowerBrain Rx) are so much more effective than group classes, digital programs or even Skype sessions? The answer from one of the most reputed brain researcher in The US, John MEDINA, author of the best-seller “Brain Rules”: “The amount of information that a […]

CNY 2020

Dear All, Parents and Students, For Chinese New Year, please note that all our 4 centres will be closed from Saturday 25 January to Tuesday 28 January, both dates inclusive. Wishing you All a great time with families! May this new year of the Rat brings you good health, happiness and prosperity!

The brain on Math: boys vs. girls

Historically, many people believed that boys were “naturally” better at math than girls. But a new comprehensive imaging study shows that there is virtually no difference in how the brains of boys and girls process and respond to math. This is a case, says researcher Jessica Cantlon, where “science doesn’t align with people beliefs.” This […]

Poverty the biggest stressor for Syrian teen refugees

What is the biggest stressor to a child’s brain? In this study of Syrian teenage refugees, researchers found that current conditions of poverty had a bigger effect on cognitive function than the past trauma of war—a finding that mirrors studies in kids in other places. Comprehensive details here, on

ADHD – human training vs digital training

Not only do children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) frequently struggle with memory and speed of information processing, they also navigate deficits in social cognition and self-esteem.  Mainstream approaches to treating ADHD such as central nervous system stimulants and behavioral therapy do not adequately address these struggles.  Although several companies market computerized brain […]