Alzheimer’s and Sleep

A new study from UCSF shows that Alzheimer’s disease destroys cells in regions of the brain that help to keep up awake. That likely explains why people who go on to have Alzheimer’s often exhibit daytime sleepiness well before diagnosis. Newsweek tell us more in this article “Alzheimer’s disease annihilates the brain cells that keep […]

Dreaming your memories away

For years, scientists have known that sleep helps the brain consolidate memories. Now, new research in mice has found that during REM sleep—the dreaming phase of sleep—special neurons also help us clear out unimportant memories. That may help make room for new memories to form the next day. Read this interesting article from the New […]

Shrink your brain (in a bad way) with high blood pressure

A study conducted at University College London has found that high blood pressure in your 40s can have a long-lasting impact on the brain. In the study, those with higher blood pressure in their 40s had smaller brains, on average, by age 70 than those with normal blood pressure. The hippocampus, a brain region critical […]

Breakfast and ADHD

Breakfast is especially important for children with attention challenges. Without it your child’s brain will produce stress hormones such as Adrenalin & cortisol in an attempt to concentrate. Pervasive levels of these stress hormones weaken the immune system and can lead to depression & anxiety. Do your best to try to train your child to […]