Flooding in the post-stroke brain

After a stroke, the brain can be flooded by salty water, causing a swelling known as cerebral oedema. For many years, scientists believed this water was coming from blood getting into the brain. But breakthrough research—enabled by new technologies that allow scientists to look into the brain during a stroke—suggests that this water is coming […]

Is selfie culture affecting memory?

Research suggests that taking digital photos—a hobby that has exploded in the era of social media—may compromise memory. There are two likely reasons for this: first, that the act of taking a photo draws our attention away from the actual event (and attention is key to forming memories), and second, that we intrinsically trust that […]

The amazing plasticity of the human brain

In rare cases, neurological conditions require that half of a child’s brain be removed. “Whenever we looked at their brain scans, we’d go, ‘Wow, this brain really shouldn’t be able to work,’” points out scientist Ralph Adolphs. But thanks to the remarkable plasticity of the human brain, they do. Even with half a brain, those […]

Soybean oil changes the brain?

In the U.S., the most widely consumed oil is soybean oil. Prior research has shown that this oil is related to obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, and fatty liver—at least in mice. Now, a new study shows that high consumption of soybean oil also affects the mouse brain in ways that may have implications for conditions […]

April is Autism awareness month

At PowerBrainRx, we have an assessment to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and we can start cognitive training right after the diagnosis. We also have many ASD students diagnosed before in other centres who come and start a personal brain training program with us. So why is PowerBrainRx great for people on the spectrum? Because […]