Depression May Shrink Brain’s Memory Areas – 抑鬱症可能會導致大腦的記憶區收縮

Research involving over 9,000 people worldwide has found that people with recurrent depression experience a shrinking of the hippocampus, an important brain area involved with forming and storing memories. Read more at – 涉及超過9000人的全球究研發現,抑鬱症復發的患者,他們大腦的海馬體出現收縮的情況,而海馬體正是形成和儲存記憶的重要區域。 要了解更多有關資料,請參閲  

Testimonial – 推薦

I would like to take this opportunity to first thank my friend who recommended me to come to PowerBrain Rx. Then, of course, a big “Thank You” to the PowerBrain Rx team for their seamless guidance and support. With their help, I have become more confident and I am now thinking in a more positive […]

Scientists Add a Sixth Taste – 科學家新增第六種味覺

We used to be content with salty, bitter, sweet, and sour. Then we added umami to the mix. Now, scientists have added a sixth unique taste to our perception systems: oleogustus, the taste of fat. They describe it as “unpleasant” on its own, but research shows that chips, fries, and doughnuts just wouldn’t taste the […]

Coffee nap! – 咖啡盹!

You are feeling tired and you wonder if you should take a nap or drink coffee? Here comes the “coffee nap” (drinking coffee followed immediately by a short nap) and, according to a few, new, brain studies, it may be the best solution to beating fatigue. The reason? Effectively timing the interplay of caffeine molecules […]

“Selfish Jerks”vs Nice Guys: a brain comparison, or the neuroscience of being a selfish jerk – 「自私鬼」與大好人: 大腦的比較 / 有關自私鬼的神經科學

A team of Hungarian scientists has undertaken the rather unenviable task of studying people deemed as having “Machiavellian” tendencies—and discovered that some aspects of their brains and neuronal firing patterns are different than those of nicer people. Find out why: – 一隊匈牙利科學家展開了一個不太討好的任務,他們對那些傾向於“玩弄權術”的人進行了一項研究,發現這些人大腦的某些部分,以及他們神經元的放電型式,有別於其他較正直的人。 要了解更多有關資料,請參閲

Is That Olive Oil Really Good For You? – 橄欖油真的適合你嗎?

Many people have heard that olive oil is beneficial for overall health—including brain health. But there are many things that can lessen the health benefits you may be hoping to get from olive oil. We put together some guidelines to help you get the most out of olive oil for your brain and body health. […]