Thank you for your sharing. Heidi’s current emotional situation is so much better than before.  Her progress during this period is so obvious, and her relationship with her sister also improved a lot.  Both the frequency of her throwing the tantrums and the pitch of her screams are lower now.  Academically, she always maintains very clear targets.  Yet, she is a bit distressed recently because she’s not happy with the teachers’ grading of her exam results.  Can you please talk to her on this subject during the session tomorrow?

Heidi’s mother, February 2024

PowerBrain is the single most constructive activity I have ever found for Amayra. Can’t thank PowerBrain enough!!!

Amayra’s mother, February 2024

Thanks again for all the trainings and the patience to Torres. All your warm blessings and kind advices are in our heart. We understand much more about Torres.
Best blessing to all of you ❤️
Torres mommy and daddy

Torres’s parents, January 2024

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