We are so glad to have found Powerbrain RX when Jayden was 4yrs old, we believe that he was really able to benefit from this training starting from a young age. We really appreciate Miss Chan who has helped us in identifying the training needs for Jayden and guided him in every way. We were able to see a significant improvement in his concentration and focus where he’s even been recognised by his class teacher with a “Best Improvement” award. His attitude towards learning and taking up challenges had matured greatly with the training from Powerbrain RX. Special thanks to Mr. Christian who has always spend some fun time with Jayden.

Jayden’s Mummy & Daddy (5Yr old)

This training can be frustrating at times but it is fun to be here and sometimes when I do really good then I am motivated to do better. BTW, now my grades at school are way better than last year!

XF, (almost!) 14 years-old

Dear Christian,
I can’t believe it has been a year since we met you and your wonderful team at Power Brain! I am all grateful to you, Miss Pancy, Mr. Alvin, Miss Janet and Miss Connie of course!
There is a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is very meaningful to me as I can feel the power of the village in Power Brain! Thank you very much for being so understanding and patient to Ryan, he is doing better and better, thanks for being there for him, his confidence builds as he knows he is not alone to face the challenges in life!

Ryan’s mother

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