Myths About ADHD (1) – 對專注力不足及過度活躍障礙(ADHD)的誤解 (1)

(1) Kids outgrow ADHD. An estimated 60% of children with ADHD maintain the disorder into adulthood. If left untreated, adult ADHD can generate low self-esteem, anxiety, employment problems, forgetfulness, substance abuse, chronic boredom, depression, and relationship problems. – (1) 孩子長大了就不會再有ADHD 六成專注力不足及過度活躍的孩子,在成長後仍會有同樣問題症狀。如不及時治療,這些專注力不足的成年人會容易出現自卑、焦慮、就業困難、健忘、濫藥、長期精神渙散、 沮喪和人際關係等問題。

10 Things Every Child with Dyslexia Wants You to Know – 讀寫障礙的孩子想你知道的十件事

– 1.  我並不是愚蠢或懶惰,我只是需要時間去把事情做好。 2.  我有讀寫障礙,但我在其他方面仍然可以做得很好。 3.  我可能需要花較長時間來「明白它」,但一旦學懂了,我會把它們牢牢記住。 4.  我覺得把事情分成幾個小步驟來處理,對我真的很有幫助。 5. 有時候我需要用與同班同學不一樣的方式,才能把事情做好。 6. 我已經盡我所能去做,但仍然不得要領,我需要多點時間,請給我多點耐性。 7. 讀寫障礙對我的影響,不局限於我的識字能力。 8. 有時我覺得要記住所有事情的確非常困難,不過,我發覺一些視覺提示可以幫助我的記憶。 9. 我較爲喜歡在寧靜的房間内工作,因為任何的嘈雜聲都會令我分心。 10. 讀寫障礙只是我一部分的特性,它不能界定我是什麽人,或我想成爲一個怎樣的人。

How learning a new language changes your brain – at any age! – 學習一種新的語言可以改變任何人的大腦 – 不論年齡!

We all know that learning a second language is a great, healthy thing to do for your brain, but new research has discovered that it actually changes both the structure and function of your brain network, regardless of whether you’re four, or 84. Researchers from Penn State University in the US have found that learning […]

Why Is Screentime Bad for Young Children? – 為什麼看屏幕會對幼童有害?

Dr. Kimberly Noble on one-on-one time and language development.  Even what we might think as “educational” programming is no substitute for one-on-one interaction when it comes to early language development. Read more at: – Kimberly Noble教授評論面對面直接互動對語言發展的影響 對幼童早期的語言發展來説,與人面對面的直接互動是無可代替的,就算是所謂的「教育性節目」亦不能取代這種互動。 Read more at:

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How does the brain use food as energy? – 大腦如何把食物轉化為能量?

The brain is an energy-hungry organ. Despite comprising only 2 percent of the body’s weight, the brain gobbles up more than 20 percent of daily energy intake. Because the brain demands such high amounts of energy, the foods we consume greatly affect brain function, including everything from learning and memory to emotions. Just like other cells in the […]

Can blood type affect brain health? – 血型會影響大腦健康?

New in The Scientific American: Blood type may affect brain function as we age, according to a new large, long-term study. People with the rare AB blood type, present in less than 10 percent of the population, have a higher than usual risk of cognitive problems as they age. People with O blood type may […]