Why one-on-one brain training sessions classes (such as what we do in PowerBrain Rx) are so much more effective than group classes, digital programs or even Skype sessions? The answer from one of the most reputed brain researcher in The US, John MEDINA, author of the best-seller “Brain Rules”:

“The amount of information that a brain extracts from a face-to-face meeting is so much different than if you have to do it over what I call Skype-to-Skype meetings. It’s an impoverished data set that you look at when you look at somebody through a screen. When you see them face-to-face, your brain picks up minute changes in air pressure. It changes the convection in the room, the amount of background noise in the room, the smells that you’re making. It’s an entirely different experience to see somebody face-to-face than it is to see somebody screen-to-screen.”