Mid-Autumn festival celebrations

Dear All, Parents and Students, For the Mid-Autumn festival, please note that all our 4 centres will be closed during the public holidays, i.e. from Saturday 30 September to Monday 02 October, both dates inclusive. Wishing you All a good health, and happy time with your families!

Unveiling Your Cognitive Potential: The Ultimate Working Memory Test

In the realm of cognitive psychology, the ability to remember digits is a task that often appears deceptively simple yet holds immense significance in understanding the executive functions of the human mind. This seemingly basic task of recalling numbers, be it in short or long spans, forms the foundation for various cognitive tests and studies. […]

Do Children With ADHD And Sleep Disorders Get Misdiagnosed?

Difficulties with attention. Forgetfulness. Lack of self-control. These are the behaviors that are frequently linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but they can simply be symptoms of sleep deprivation. It can be challenging to distinguish between the two problems at times because many children with ADHD also struggle with sleep. When a child’s symptoms […]

Tai Chi for cognitive health

A new study on people with mild cognitive impairment and type 2 diabetes has shown that practicing Tai Chi Chuan for 36 weeks significantly improved cognitive function and biological markers related to health, compared to fitness walking. That may be because Tai Chi Chuan exercises both the mind and body, through slow, precise movement and […]

Unleash Your Potential: Brain Training For ADHD Adults

Life is a journey, and for those navigating it with ADHD, the path can be both exciting and challenging. At PowerBrain Rx, we understand the unique strengths and struggles that ADHD adults experience. ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a term that many associate with children. However, this disorder extends its influence into adulthood, […]

Identifying Attention Challenges in Children: Beyond ADHD

Teachers often play a pivotal role in recognizing when a student struggles to maintain focus in the classroom, exhibiting signs of distractibility that set them apart from their peers. This could manifest in various ways, such as taking an unusually long time to complete class assignments, appearing disengaged during lessons, becoming easily tuned out during […]

Elevate Your Mind: Unveiling the Power of Brain Fitness Programs

We have always been implored to keep physically fit. In the fast-paced world we live in, maintaining our physical health is a well-understood concept. We attend yoga classes, take long walks, go for a run, and hit the gym all with the sole goal of keeping our bodies in shape. All about Brain Fitness Programs […]

High blood pressure, brain changes, and cognition

A recent international study has identified nine areas of the brain that may be damaged by high blood pressure, leading to cognitive problems. These regions are involved in a host of cognitive functions, from learning to decision-making to emotional regulation. More details about this study here, on ScienceAlert.com

Sounds like Science Fiction: “biocomputers” may be in our future

Even with all the advances in computing and artificial intelligence, the human brain can still outperform computers in many ways. That is part of the reason that researchers at Johns Hopkins believe that taking the next great steps in computing will require “biocomputers”—computers powered by human brain cells. Learn more about biocomputing here, on Hub