ADHD Emotions: How They Affect Your Life and Happiness (5) – 專注力不足過度活躍(ADHD)人士的情緒問題:足以影響患者的人生和幸福(5)

The emotion commotion of ADHD can hurt self-esteem, relationships, and just about everything else in life. Here’s what you should know to control it. (5) How the Pain Expresses Itself. If emotional pain is internalized, an ADHDer may experience depression and loss of self-esteem in the short term. If emotions are externalized, pain can be […]

Testimonial – 推薦

Otto’s mother, 1 June 2016:  “We are thrilled with the progress that Otto has been making at Powerbrain and stemming from that the progress he is making in school. He has become a noticeably more focused student and is beginning to find real pleasure in his studies. Thank you.” – 你們好!很感謝你們訓練小兒,使他愉快學習。經過你們訓練和教導,使他記憶力增強,邏輯思維較快,待人處事有所進步.他亦十分很喜歡上堂練習,並覺得有成功感.不停鍛鍊的課程,令他提升思考能力,推理能力,觀察能力.並透過練習,教材和活動遊戲,增加對學習的興趣.使他增強分析力,邏輯思考加強不少,對事物有新的思維.而我認為不單是學習上有進步,做事亦有自信心。 Herman’s father

What is Social Anxiety? – 什麼是社交焦慮症?

It’s not just shyness. It’s when you worry so much about embarrassing yourself that you stop doing things you need (and want!) to do. Learn more at : – 社交焦慮症不僅是害羞,它還會導致人們因為害怕出現難堪情景,而不去做一些自己應該做及想做的事情。 了解更多: