Public Holiday! – 公眾假期!

All our centres are closed on Tuesday 01/05. Enjoy the holiday and see you on Wednesday ! – Power Brain Rx 所有中心於5月1日星期二休息, 星期三重開。 祝假日愉快!

Big Changes to MEG – 腦磁圖(MEG)的大革新

One of the ways that scientists can study the brain is through Magnetoencephalography (MEG). But it’s a limited technology, since patients are required to remain completely still for an extended period of time during each brain scan—something that’s especially hard for children. Now, scientists at the University of Nottingham have developed a wearable prototype that […]

Need to focus? Move your phone – 想要專心?拿走你的手機

A recent study on 800 people has found that where your phone is located has a significant impact on your cognitive performance. They found that people whose phone was in front of them—even if it was face down and the sound and vibration notifications were off—performed more poorly on cognitive tasks. tells us more […]

Emotional needs of children with learning disabilities (3) – 有學習障礙的孩子的情感需要 (3)

When they think they are working more than everyone else. Unfortunately, learning disabilities in children often means that kids need to work harder than their peers. This might mean spending more time on homework, going to tutoring, and working with an educational therapist. Spending so much time focusing on something that is challenging for them […]

Public Holiday! – 公眾假期!

All our centres are closed on Thursday 05/04. Enjoy the holiday and see you on Friday !   – Power Brain Rx 所有中心於4月5日星期四休息, 星期五重開。