The ADHD-Anxiety Connection

Kids with ADHD often have issues with working memory, organization and time management that make it hard to follow daily routines. This can lead to chronic stress. Kids with ADHD may also have more trouble managing stress than kids who don’t have ADHD. That’s because ADHD can affect how kids manage their emotions. Kids with ADHD may […]

Flipping a Brain Switch on Bad Habits (1)

What if you could “turn off” your vices, like overindulging on sweets or alcohol? Two new studies take the first step in just that. In the first study, researchers discovered how to override the brain’s normal response to different tastes, replacing “sweet” with “bitter,” for example. Learn more about what the future holds for this […]

Public Holiday!

Dear All, please note that all our centres will be closed on the 2 coming public holidays: Tuesday 25/09 and Monday 02/10. Like us, take the opportunity to have a great time with your family! 🙂

“Twice-Exceptional”children: both gifted and challenged

When we think of gifted children, we tend to assume that they are exceptionally bright across the board. But the reality is that some kids are gifted in some areas and challenged in others. These children are called “twice-exceptional,” because they have both exceptional ability and disability. And this combination of strengths and weaknesses, unless […]

Back to work! Tuesday 18/09

Dear All, please note that all our centers are now open! Students with lessons today Tuesday 18th, please liaise with Connie should you need to rearrange. Otherwise, please come as usual.

Too much heat can muddle your brain

It’s been a hot July in a lot of the Northern Hemisphere! Research shows that when it’s too hot, the brain slows down. For instance, one recent study showed that students without air conditioning performed 13% worse on a set of cognitive tests than students with air conditioning. This finding is mirrored in other studies. […]

No quick fix for ADHD but a variety of different strategies

There is no quick fix for ADHD. Although medication can help treat people’s symptoms, it’s only part of an overall ADHD treatment strategy. Another significant element of that strategy are Cognitive and Behavioral training and techniques, such as the ones developed here in Hong Kong by PowerBrain Rx. For many years, it has proven to […]

Saying No to Authority

Most people are surprisingly bad at standing up to authority, even when they have a moral conflict. In one recent study, for example, researchers asked people to shock other people 60 times. When offered money, most people refused to consistently shock someone else. But when they were told they had to by the research leaders, […]