Structured learning can kill creativity – 系統性學習或會扼殺創意

Organized, hierarchical learning can help us make sense of the world. But recent research warns that leaning too heavily on structured learning can inhibit and impede creative thinking. More at Science Daily: – 有組織及層次地學習可以幫助我們理解世界事物。不過,最近有研究警告,過分依賴系統性的學習可能會阻礙創意思維的發展。 欲了解更好,請到 Science Daily︰

Cerebellum does more than we thought – 小腦的功能不止於我們所知

The brain’s cerebellum—or “little brain”—has been thought to help the body regulate things like breathing and motor skills. New research shows that it may actually also participate in anticipation and reaction to rewards. Find out why here – 我們一直認為小腦只是輔助協調呼吸及肌肉運動等身體功能,但一項新的研究顯示,小腦可能也參與到預測及獎賞反應等的其它功能運作。 欲了解原因,請到

Food smells better when you’re tired – 疲倦時會覺得食物更香

Recent research has found that when people are tired, their olfactory systems go into overdrive—at least for food scents. The researchers believe this may be one reason why sleep deprivation and overeating often go hand in hand. More here – 最近有研究發現,疲倦的時候,嗅覺系統就會變得敏銳 —— 至少對於食物的香氣是這樣。研究人員認為,這可能是睡眠不足經常伴隨暴飲暴食的原因之一。 想了解更多,請到

Quality sleep can improve math and language performance – 充足的睡眠能提升數學及語文的學習表現

Researchers at McGill University and the Douglas Mental Health University found a link between sleep efficiency (quality of sleep) and academic performance in math and languages. Controlling for variables like socio-economic status of the parents, the researchers studied 75 children between 7 and 11 years old. The results showed a significant performance variable related to […]

What are the signs and symptoms of dyslexia? – 讀寫障礙有甚麼徵狀﹖

Classroom teachers may not be able to determine if a child has dyslexia. They may detect early signs that suggest further assessment by a psychologist or other health professional in order to actually diagnose the disorder. Letter and number reversals are the most common warning sign. Such reversals are fairly common up to the age […]