Cognitive & Behavioral Training

What is Cognitive and Behavioral Training?

Brain training exercises are a system of highly targeted exercises used to improve your brain’s cognitive skills. Research has identified cognitive skills as the root source of learning, thinking, processing and handling any information.

What are cognitive skills?

The cognitive skills describe our brain’s inherent capabilities to think, to learn, to process and to handle any kind of information. Typical cognitive skills, among others, are attention, processing speed, short-, working and long term memory, but also higher, more complex functions like decision making and organisational skills. Thanks to “brain plasticity”, the cognitive skills can actually be trained and improved.

What is brain plasticity?

For centuries science considered that the human intelligence, that our IQ was supposed to be fixed at the end of our late childhood / teenager age. It was thought that our brains were “hardwired”. This old myth has been debunked once and for all. Today exists a perfect consensus in the scientific community that the brain is actually malleable, that the brain is so-called “plastic”. “Brain plasticity” or “neuroplasticity” defines the brain’s inherent capability to change and to improve at any age!


Neuroscience has proven that brain training can at any age effectively strengthen the individual’s cognitive skills like attention and concentration, memory or comprehension speed.. Therefore your capacity to think, to learn, to process and handle any kind of information becomes easier, faster and better. We learn faster and more effectively, we remember more and longer, we are more organised and we take better decisions. Want to know more about Neurodiversity Awareness and Neurodiversity autism?

How does it work?

Brain training describes a set of revolutionary new techniques developed by brain researchers and professionals that test, target, and strengthen specific mental skills. If mental skills, such as auditory processing and memory, are strong, then learning comes easily and naturally. If specific weaknesses remain hidden, a student or any adult or career executive will face often chronic learning, reading, and performance struggles. Strengthening weak brain skills is the key to permanently overcoming those struggles.

This is where PowerBrainRx personalized brain training excels. At PowerBrainRx we test each individual, each potential student first. Then a professional brain trainer reviews each student’s cognitive skills test data, and will then uses specific exercises at proper levels of intensity in a one-on-one training format to target and strengthen identified weaknesses. This type of highly specialized training quickly produces changes in learning abilities and performance.

From Preschool to University

We build stronger foundations for better academic school performance.

Learning difficulties/disabilities (ADHD, ASD, Dys…),

Achieving naturally lasting learning improvements without any medication.

Career Adults & Executives

Making a powerful difference in your career and your leadership skills.

Seniors and Recovering Patients (Accidents, Stroke, Chemotherapy…)

Regain mental agility and recover memory.

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