Why your brain experiences “post-election slump” – 為什麼你的大腦會經歷因選舉引發的衰退?

After a big election, do you feel down or depressed, regardless of how you feel about the outcome? Many people do—and now, scientists have an explanation. During an election, your brain circuits may become “hyperactivated” by constant news coverage, which causes a chemical crash once the votes are in. Find out why – 大選過後,且不論你對結果滿意與否,你是否覺得失落或沮喪?很多人都會回答――是。現在,科學家們得出結論:大選期間,因為持續的新聞報道,你的大腦迴路可能會變得過度活躍;而一旦你完成投票,便會導致大腦內的化學失衡。

Heading a soccer ball just one time can cause brain damage – 一次頭球足可造成對大腦的傷害

It may seem obvious that repeated hits to the head might cause brain damage, but researchers have found that even heading a soccer ball one time can initiate brain changes, as measured by both cognitive and physical tests. Learn more on BrainHQ blog. – 對頭部重覆的撞擊會傷害大腦,這可能是顯然易見的事,但研究人員最近通過認知測試和體格檢查發現,就算一次頭球也可以對大腦造成傷害。 Learn more on BrainHQ blog.  

Some people with Alzheimer’s retain their memories – 一些患有阿爾茨海默病的人保留他們的記憶

In a stunning finding, researchers from Northwestern University have found that some people in their 90s have full-blown physical markers of Alzheimer’s disease in the brain, yet their memories appear to remain unaffected. Studying this unique population may lead to a deeper understanding of the interplay between physical symptoms and cognitive symptoms in Alzheimer’s. Learn […]

7 tips to turbocharging your brain(7) – 七個小貼士助你快速增進腦力(7)

Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance. Tip 7: Motivate. While it is important to learn new skills, the brain is happiest when exploring areas you are passionate about. Focusing on what motivates and matters to you actually increases your rate of learning. – 以科研爲基礎的小貼士,助你速進大腦皮層的活動,提升認知表現。 貼士 7: 動機 學習新的技能的確重要,而當您在做一件自己喜歡的事時,大腦更感無比幸福。所以,找出正確的動機及什麽對自己最爲重要,這樣可以提升您的學習速度。