Sugar and TV do not cause ADHD

Although sugar intake, watching too much TV, and a chaotic family life can worsen symptoms of ADHD, research does not show they actually cause the condition. ADHD does, however, appear to run in families. Research involving families, twins, and children who were adopted suggest there is a strong genetic influence in ADHD risk. There is […]

Does a Bad Mood Improve Your Thinking Skills?

A recent study found that for some people (but not others), being in a bad mood actually improves the ability to organize and complete tasks. It depends on whether you are “high reactive” or not.  Read more on Science Daily:

Until when can we learn a new language like a native speaker?

In one of the largest linguistics studies ever conducted researchers from three Boston-based universities showed children are proficient at learning a second language up until the age of 18, roughly 10 years later than earlier estimates. But the study also showed that it is best to start by age 10 if you want to achieve […]

Pain on the Brain

Pain is a subjective experience; there’s no real way to scientifically measure how much pain a person is in. But scientists are making some progress in locating and measuring pain in the brain. This is a particularly important field of study for the millions of people who experience chronic pain—where pain is no longer a […]