ADHD vs sleeps disorders and immaturity

Diagnosing ADHD can be tricky. That’s because its most common symptoms can also be signs of other disorders. Parents, teachers and even clinicians sometimes jump to the conclusion that a child (especially a boy) with attention issues has ADHD, but it’s important to consider other possible causes. Read The Child Mind Institute’s tips on telling […]

Lasting effect of surgery on the brain

When you have a surgery, you might experience an unintended side-effect: cognitive challenges. Researchers have found that “postoperative cognitive dysfunction,” of POCD, can persist for at least six months in 10-30% of people over 65, affecting memory, judgment, attention, and more. But what causes it, and are other groups of people equally affected? Read all […]

Plasticity at work

Recently, scientists have had the opportunity to study the brain of a woman who goes by “EG.” What’s interesting about her is that she has no left temporal lobe; instead, the area where it would have been is filled with cerebro-spinal fluid. But although EG is missing a large part of her brain—one often associated […]