7 tips to turbocharging your brain (2) – 七個小貼士助你快速增進腦力 (2)

Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance. Tip 2: Limit information. Thanks to our technology-driven and uber-connected world, the sheer volume of information we are exposed to every day is nearly 200 times more than we were exposed to 20 years ago! Research shows that this information overload comes at a price. High-performing minds […]

Ultrasound may “Jump-Start” brains of coma victims – 超聲波可以「啟動」昏迷患者的大腦

A new technique being tested at UCLA has shown a promising result for coma patients. UCLA doctors used non-invasive ultrasound technology to stimulate the brain cells of a coma patient, which led to his recovery. Read more on UCLA website: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/ucla-scientists-use-ultrasound-to-jump-start-a-mans-brain-after-coma – 一項正在加州大學洛杉磯分校進行測試的新技術,將會爲昏迷患者帶來新的曙光。該校醫生利用無創的超聲波技術,刺激一名昏迷病人的腦細胞,使患者得以康復。 想了解更多,請參閱: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/releases/ucla-scientists-use-ultrasound-to-jump-start-a-mans-brain-after-coma

Testimonial – 推薦

“Ronan has really enjoyed Power Brain and had a great sense of achievement this has an impact on many aspects of his life personally and academically. We would like to thank everyone at Power Brain that we have dealt with. It has been a pleasure and we are really thrilled with the results.” Ronan’s mother, September […]

Zika May Affect Adult Brain – 寨卡病毒可能會影響成人大腦

You are probably aware that the Zika virus can have devastating effects on fetal brains—but a new study inCell Stem Cell has found that it can also attack pockets of neurons in the adult brain. Read more on http://blog.brainhq.com/2016/08/24/zika-virus-may-affect-adult-brain/ – 大家都知道寨卡病毒對胎兒的大腦有極大的破壞力,不過,一項在Cell Stem Cell 發表的新研究指出,寨卡病毒也攻擊成人大腦的神經元。 想了解更多,請參閱:http://blog.brainhq.com/2016/08/24/zika-virus-may-affect-adult-brain/

7 tips to turbocharging your brain (1) – 七個小貼士助你快速增進腦力 (1)

Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance. Tip 1: Start single tasking.  For those who proudly identify as multi-taskers, understand that your brain is not built to perform two tasks at the same time. Instead, it must switch quickly from task to unrelated task. Multitasking tires the brain and activates stress hormones. Giving […]

Hiring brain trainers! – 誠徴認知訓練課程導師!

PowerBrain Rx continue to expand and plan to add more centres to its existing 4 locations! We are especially looking for cognitive brain trainers for our New Territories centre (Fotan/Shatin).  Both full-time (afternoons in weekdays + 1/2 day on Saturdays) and part-time (flexible timetable) positions are available for people: – reliable, energetic, positive, patient and […]

Stroke ages the brain 8 years overnight – 中風使大腦一夜老化8年

Seniors over 65 who had experienced a stroke were found to have aged the equivalent of 7.9 years overnight in terms of memory and thinking speed. More details at http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/295009.php – 研究發現65歲以上曾經歷中風的人士,他們的記憶和思維速度的受損程度,相等於一夜老化了7.9年。 想了解更多,請參閱: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/295009.php

Mood Disorders and Teenage Girls – 少女與情緒障礙

When it comes to the emotional well-being of children, we tend to think of girls and boys as more alike than they are different — they need the same kind of nurturing. But girls develop differently from boys, especially after they reach puberty, and they experience different pressures. That makes them vulnerable to some different […]