Can Online Illusions Be Dangerous to Your Health? – 網上的視像錯覺圖會否對身體造成傷害 ?

Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a psychology professor of visual perception and visual illusion at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, warns that the illusions he creates and shares online can be dangerous for some viewers. Why? In short, it’s because sometimes our brains can’t handle the information it gets from our eyes.   Read this article from “the […]

Calm voices = calmer children – 平和的聲音= 冷靜的小孩

Children have a whole arsenal of tactics for evading things they don’t want to do, from ignoring instructions to whining and wheedling to active defiance. Your average parent is familiar with most of them. But some kids are definitely harder to manage than others, and almost every day we hear from parents who feel that […]

Testimonial – 推薦

Hayson, 16 years-old, 12 July 2016: “It’s simple, really. The program is fun. The teachers are amazing. Moreover, I have made moon-bound progress handling my ADD; all by squeezing 1 hour from my after-school time going to PowerBrain instead using it to watch Youtube videos and play video games. My conclusion? Go for it!” – 整個過程真的很簡單:訓練課程十分有趣,導師們也非常了不起,更重要的是我現在可以輕鬆面對我的ADD。你所需要的就是放學以後擠出一個小時,不看YouTube,不玩電腦遊戲,到PowerBrain去。我的結論?馬上行動! […]

The teenage brain – 年輕人的大腦

The toughest thing about trying to support teenage children can be just getting them to talk to you. As Dr. Frances Jensen, author of The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults, underlines: the parts of their brains that experience emotion are well-developed, but the frontal lobe, which involves communication and […]

Hiring part-time brain trainers!

We continue our expansion and plan to add more centres to our existing 4 locations! We are therefore looking for motivated PART-TIME BRAIN TRAINERS with the following requirements: Reliable, energetic, positive attitude, patient and professional; Chinese language not mandatory but good spoken English is a must; Flexibility, must be available typically from 3pm-7pm on weekdays, as well as […]

Mom, Is That You? – 媽媽,是你嗎?

Prior scientific research has shown that children have a unique reaction to the sound of their mother’s voice. Now, a group of researchers from Stanford has taken a look at brain circuitry and discovered how that reaction looks in the brain. Their finding: a mother’s voice immediately activates multiple brain areas that another woman’s voice […]

Healthy diets make brighter brains – 健康飲食令大腦更聰明

In a study of nearly 28,000 people 55 and older, researchers found that those who ate healthy foods had a smaller drop in brain power. – 一項有差不多二萬八千名五十五歲或以上人士參與的調查發現,那些飲食健康的人,智力衰退的程度較小。 要了解更多有關資料,請參閲