ADHD vs sleeps disorders and immaturity


Diagnosing ADHD can be tricky. That’s because its most common symptoms can also be signs of other disorders. Parents, teachers an...

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Lasting effect of surgery on the brain


When you have a surgery, you might experience an unintended side-effect: cognitive challenges. Researchers have found that “posto...

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Plasticity at work


Recently, scientists have had the opportunity to study the brain of a woman who goes by “EG.” What’s interesting about her is tha...

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The brain function of “Superagers”


Generally speaking, as people get older, their brains tend to get less healthy, and their cognitive abilities suffer as a result....

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Attention struggles


You don’t have to be ADHD to struggle with attention and concentration issues. Attention struggles come in many forms and manifes...

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Why does the brain use so much energy?


You may have heard that the brain uses 20% of the body’s overall energy. Previously, scientists thought it might be because our s...

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Sleep apnea and memory


It has become clear that good quality sleep is very important for cognitive health and function. Sleep apnea can affect that, wit...

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Get your walk on


A new study from Colorado State University showed that older people who walked briskly for 40 minutes three times a week didn’t j...

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When two brains work together


There is some fascinating new research on how two brains interact—actually change—when collaborating with one another. In one set...

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