It Takes Two


How do our brains recognize and navigate our environment? Scientists used to think the same part of the brain was at work, but it...

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What’s ADHD (and What’s Not) in the Classroom


ADHD is one of the first things that’s suspected when a child’s behavior in class, or performance on schoolwork, is problematic. ...

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Why Anxiety can sometimes be misdiagnosed as ADHD


Sometimes kids with anxiety disorders can be misdiagnosed with ADHD, or vice versa. On the surface, the two issues may look simil...

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New Alzheimer’s Approach: Cleaning the Brain of “Retired” Cells


Scientists at the Mayo Clinic have found that if you clean out retired brain cells (cells that aren’t dead, but have stopped grow...

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Large-Scale MRI Study Confirms ADHD Brain Differences


This is one of the largest-scale studies on ADHD and the brain. Researchers looked at MRI brain scans of more than 3,000 kids and...

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ADHD is not just a childhood disorder


Do you find it hard to pay attention? Do you feel the need to move constantly during times when you shouldn’t? Do you find yourse...

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Does poor sleep increase Alzheimer’s risk?


Recent research suggests a correlation between poor sleep and Alzheimer’s risk. Although the “why” is not yet conclusive, it may ...

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Speaking Dozens of Languages


A “hyperpolyglot” is a person who has mastered at least 11 languages; some can speak dozens. But there aren’t very many hyperpoly...

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Community Violence Is Toxic to the Growing Brain


How does the stress of witnessing community violence—seeing beatings, shootings, drug use, and so on—affect a child’s growing bra...

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