Mid-Autumn festival celebrations


Dear All, Parents and Students, For the Mid-Autumn festival, please note that all our 4 centres will be closed during the public ...

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Do Children With ADHD And Sleep Disorders Get Misdiagnosed?


Difficulties with attention. Forgetfulness. Lack of self-control. These are the behaviors that are frequently linked to Attention...

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Tai Chi for cognitive health


A new study on people with mild cognitive impairment and type 2 diabetes has shown that practicing Tai Chi Chuan for 36 weeks sig...

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Identifying Attention Challenges in Children: Beyond ADHD


Teachers often play a pivotal role in recognizing when a student struggles to maintain focus in the classroom, exhibiting signs o...

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High blood pressure, brain changes, and cognition


A recent international study has identified nine areas of the brain that may be damaged by high blood pressure, leading to cognit...

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Sounds like Science Fiction: “biocomputers” may be in our future


Even with all the advances in computing and artificial intelligence, the human brain can still outperform computers in many ways....

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What Types of ADHD Drugs Are Nonstimulant?


When it comes to addressing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children, the primary course of action often invol...

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Supporting neurodiverse students


A new school year offers an exciting fresh start, but it can also bring new challenges for children who are neurodiverse — that i...

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We’re often told to “just breathe” when particularly exasperated, stressed, or sorrowful. But what kind of breathing is most help...

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