ADHD and behaviour problems


We think of kids with ADHD as having trouble paying attention. But for many of them — and their parents — behaviour is a big prob...

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T8 and opening hours – Saturday 09/10


Dear Parents and Students, Owing to the T8 signal, all classes this morning are confirmed to be cancelled. Regarding afternoon cl...

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What do Covid-19 patients and Alzheimer’s patients have in common?


A new study compared the brains of people who died of COVID-19 with those that died of other causes. The researchers found that t...

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Is your memory reliable?


Lately, scientific studies have exposed how poor eyewitness accounts can be, calling into question how reliable our memories for ...

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Is your phone making you better—or worse—at multitasking?


Using a smartphone often means switching between focuses: from a work email, to a social media post, to a personal message. Earli...

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Why we feel so intensely: understanding ADHD emotions


Anger, outbursts, anxiety, irritability, impatience: more than most people, ADHDers can be driven by emotions. 01/13 Emotions Rul...

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Do you need a brain to sleep?


In a curious new study, scientists have found that sleep pre-dates the brain—meaning that animals don’t actually need a brain to ...

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Story elements engage the brain


Whether you’re reading a mystery or watching a movie, stories can stir up a host of emotions. But according to Angus Fletcher, a ...

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Neural “Fingerprints”


We all share events in life that are common: a memorable dance, attending a wedding, eating at a friend’s house. As a result, our...

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