Summer 2019 Brain Fitness courses


Summer holiday is a great time to strengthen cognitive skills so your children don’t suffer from a “summer drain” and, on the opp...

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No proven executive function advantage for bilingual children


Learning a second language in childhood is inherently advantageous for communication. However, parents, educators and scientists ...

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You are your brain’s priority


When you see a photo of a group, do you look at yourself first? It turns out your brain is designed to do just that. According to...

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“Lostness:” when the human brain can’t navigate


The human brain does a wonderful job of navigating through the landscape, with one important caveat: it relies on vision. In the ...

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A bright and buzzy new approach to Alzheimer’s treatment


Over and over, promising medications tested for Alzheimer’s treatment fail in human trials. Now, scientists have tried an innovat...

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A Little Exercise Can Do a Lot


For many people, the typical guideline of at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per week can feel overwhelming. W...

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No quick fix for ADHD but a variety of different strategies


There is no quick fix for ADHD. Although medication can help treat people’s symptoms, it’s only part of an overall ADHD tre...

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New Research on Vitamin D and the Brain


Vitamin D deficiency is a very common problem, with over a billion people worldwide affected by it. For the brain, that’s a probl...

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Why we don’t run into things


A recent study shows that the brain takes just 100 milliseconds (a tenth of a second) to make sense of an area’s geometry—the bas...

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