Back-to-School anxiety in kids: what to watch out for this year


Many kids are anxious about going back to school this year. Some are afraid that they or family members will get sick. Others wor...

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Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s diagnosis?


Scientists have developed a promising—and simple—blood test for accurately diagnosing Alzheimer’s, something doctors have long wa...

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Some words are more memorable than others


Scientists have discovered that it’s easier for people to remember certain words in memory tests. But why would words like “tank,...

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ADHD and Emotions: what you need to know


At a Glance Kids with ADHD feel the same emotions as their peers. Emotions are more intense with ADHD and impact everyday living....

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Five Lifestyle Habits That May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk


A large new study showed that people who follow five lifestyle behaviors may have up to a 60% lower risk of Alzheimer’s. The key ...

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Understanding the developing brain for reading


In the debate about nature versus nurture for developing reading skills, cognitive neuroscientists have a clear message: both mat...

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Protect your brain with flu shots?


Two new studies show something pretty surprising: that getting flu shots and/or a pneumonia vaccine may reduce the risk of Alzhei...

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How anxiety affects your focus


Feel like you can’t concentrate on anything at the moment? You’re not alone. The extra anxiety caused by the Covid-19 pandemic ha...

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Smelling the Roses…or the Onions


It’s been hard for scientists to figure out how the mammalian brain tells one smell from another. “Decoding how the brain tells a...

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