Testimonial – 推薦

“I am very happy I found PowerBrainRX in Hong Kong. We live in Norway and there are no such types of services available to help my autistic boy who is 7 years-old now. They provided the exact kinds of attention and cognitive trainings I have been looking for.  They evaluated his problem areas and implemented […]

Myths About Dyslexia (1) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (1)

1. Dyslexic kids can’t learn to read. Children with dyslexia have difficulty acquiring reading skills—they struggle with decoding, word recognition, and spelling—but with help they can learn to read, and they can accomplish as much academically as other children. – 1. 誤解:讀寫障礙的孩子不會閲讀 有讀寫障礙的孩子很難掌握閲讀技巧,他們在解讀、認字和拼寫上都非常吃力,但如果加以適當輔導,他們也能學會閲讀,並和其他孩子一樣,達到學術上的成就。

Turmeric May Help Build New Brain Cells – 姜黄可助大腦建立新細胞

We have previously reported on the many brain boosting powers of turmeric, a bright yellow spice that’s often found in curry. Recent research has found that aromatic-tourmaline, a compound found in turmeric, may help improve the brain’s production of new nerve cells and stem cells. This process, in turn, could help the brain repair itself […]

Testimonial – 推薦

“My children have joined PowerBrain for almost 3 months. I found this program could provide comprehensive training to improve their weak areas. They provide pre-training assessment to identify, which areas they need to improve. The one-on-one training session can help to regularly review their progress and tailor made the programs to fit their needs. I […]


Most people associate learning disorders with dyslexia—with children who have trouble learning to read, even though they’re just as bright as the next kid, because decoding written language is hard for them. But there’s another, smaller group of kids who have trouble decoding what they hear. Even though there’s nothing wrong with their hearing itself, they miss […]

Do Video Games Cause ADHD? – 電子遊戲會導致過度活躍?

No. But kids with attention problems are especially drawn to them because they are so constantly stimulating that staying focused isn’t a chore.   Learn more at http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2012-7-31-adhd-and-video-games – 不會。但電子遊戲特別吸引有專注力問題的孩子,因為遊戲會不斷刺激他們令他們覺得專注不再是煩厭的事。 要了解更多有關資料,請參閲 http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2012-7-31-adhd-and-video-games

Autistic behaviour and illnesses – 自閉症行為

Margaret Bauman, a neurologist who has treated children with autism for 25 years, makes a very compelling case that some of the behaviours commonly associated with autism have been misunderstood. Dr. Bauman is talking about things like repetitive motions, grimacing, head-banging, meltdowns, even aggression—things kids with autism do but we often don’t have a clue […]

About 83% of brain development continues after birth. – 大腦的發育,約百分之八十三是在出生後完成的。

A baby girl’s brain will not completely finish its wiring until she is in her early 20s. Boys’ brains may take even longer. In humans, the brain is the last organ to finish developing. – 女孩的大腦要到20多歲才能完成發育,而男孩的大腦發育所展需時間還要更長。 在人類的整體發育過程中,大腦要算是最後一個完成發育的器官。