Sleep apnea and memory

It has become clear that good quality sleep is very important for cognitive health and function. Sleep apnea can affect that, with research showing a 26% increase in the rate of cognitive impairment among people who have sleep apnea. But a new study shows that treating sleep apnea can improve memory in people with mild […]

Get your walk on

A new study from Colorado State University showed that older people who walked briskly for 40 minutes three times a week didn’t just experience a physical boost—they also boosted their brains. Not only did their performance on memory tests improve, brain scans showed their white matter was more robust compared to people who did stretching […]

When two brains work together

There is some fascinating new research on how two brains interact—actually change—when collaborating with one another. In one set of work, scientists have found that when two people cooperate on a task (such as when a pilot and co-pilot land a plane together) their neural oscillations (electrical frequencies) align. Other researchers have found that when two birds sing a duet, […]