Dreaming: vision’s defence against other senses?

Why we dream is an age-old question, one that now has a new potential explanation. A new theory posits that dreaming may be “a strange lovechild of brain plasticity and the rotation of the planet.” The idea is that since humans live in the dark half the time, their visual systems (which aren’t as useful […]

Craving social interactions

New research suggests that when social animals, like people, are deprived of positive social interactions, they begin to crave it—similarly to how they crave foods they are denied. In fact, both feelings of absence—of social connection and food—activate the same tiny part of the brain, the substantia nigra. Read this interesting article “Loneliness and hunger […]

Chinese New Year 2021 – 農曆新年假期

Dear All, Parents and Students, For Chinese New Year, please note that all our 4 centres will be closed only during the public holidays, i.e. from Friday 12 February to Monday 15 February, both dates inclusive. Wishing you All a good health, happiness and prosperity for this new year of the Ox!


Over the last several years, the incredible intelligence of some bird species has become clearer and clearer. Birds can do everything from making tools, to remembering artwork, to solving complex problems. But physiologically, the bird brain is very different from the mammalian brain, lacking a neocortex. How can birds have so many of the same […]