Hato – 23.08.2017

Dear Parents and Students, Typhoon Hato forces us to close all our centres! All classes today Wednesday 23 August are cancelled. Stay home. Be safe! – 各位家長、學員: 由於颶風天鴿襲港,本中心今天(即8月23日)休息一天。

What are learning disabilities? – 什麼是學習障礙?

Learning disabilities (LDs) are real. They affect the brain’s ability to receive, process, store, respond to and communicate information. LDs are actually a group of disorders, not a single disorder. Learning disabilities are not the same as intellectual disabilities (formerly known as mental retardation), sensory impairments (vision or hearing) or autism spectrum disorders. People with LD are […]

Pinpointing Dementia for better care – 認清認知障礙症狀 及早得到治療

When patients present with dementia symptoms, doctors don’t always know whether it’s Alzheimer’s, another form of dementia, or something else entirely. It matters because treatment can differ from one diagnosis to another. Now, a specialized PET scan can detect the amyloid plaques that mark Alzheimer’s, allowing doctors to make better diagnoses. But is it worth […]

Pregnancy changes the brain permanently – 懷孕永久改變母親的大腦

Moms: did you know that being pregnant changes your brain, and the changes last forever? An excellent review in Wired discusses the many ways in which your babies change your brain—from integrating fetal neurons into your brain, to changing the volume of gray matter, to effecting permanent cognitive changes via hormones, and more. Read “Moms: your kids […]

Do long commutes affect intelligence? – 駕車時間太長會影響智力?

A five-year British study of more than 500,000 people suggests that driving for more than two hours a day may impact memory and intelligence. In the study, adults who drove 2+ hours daily began with lower cognitive scores, and their performance worsened more quickly over five years when compared to people who drove less. Find […]