How learning to read rewrites the brain – 閱讀重塑腦部結構的秘密

The study took a look at changes in the brain in adults before and after learning to read, and found significant changes even in the evolutionarily older, deep brain structures like the brain stem. All the details here – 美國生命科學(Life Science)引用馬克斯普朗克心理語言學研究所的研究,指出閱讀能激活腦部功能。專家前後比對了成人大腦在學會閱讀前後的變化,發現成人學會閱讀後腦部有顯著的改變,範圍廣及最早期發展完成的深層結構,如腦幹等部分。 研究內容詳見

Dyslexia at a glance – 簡單了解讀寫障礙

Dyslexia is difficulty in learning to read. Dyslexia can be related to brain injury, hereditary, or hormonal influences. Letter and number reversals are a common warning sign of dyslexia. Diagnosis of dyslexia involves reviewing the child’s processing of information from seeing, hearing, and participating in activities. Treatment of dyslexia ideally involves planning between the parent(s) […]

How to stop Stress before it starts? – 如何防止壓力超標?

Do you get stressed out from the pressures in life? That may be due to the habit of “rumination” or worrying about past events and replaying them in your mind. Find 4 tips for keeping pressure in check before it turns to full-blown stress. See the tips here – 你是否感到生活壓力很大?這或許是由於你有反覆回溯的習慣,也就是讓過去曾產生的擔心感覺,反覆不斷在腦中重演。想在被壓跨前管理好壓力,不妨看看下面四個貼士。 需要貼士,請到:

Do smart phones make us stupider? – 智能手機讓人變笨?

A new study from the University of Texas at Austin suggests that cognitive capacity is reduced when a person’s smart phone is nearby. In the study, people whose smart phones were in another room did significantly better on cognitive tests that people whose phones were on the desk beside them. Learn more on Science Daily […]

Gut bacteria in IBS affects brain – 大腸激躁症的腸細菌會影響腦部

Recent research from McMaster University has found that the microbiota or “gut bacteria” of people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects the brain as well as the intestines. This finding may lead to more targeted treatment of IBS. – 麥瑪斯達大學最近的研究發現,患上大腸激躁症後,微生物叢(即腸細菌)會對腦部及小腸產生影響。這項發現可能為日後帶來更具針對性的IBS治療方法。