Does Indoor Carbon Dioxide Affect Cognition? – 室內二氧化碳影響認知能力?

Indoor environments—especially ones filled with people, like classrooms and offices—have some carbon dioxide in the air. Previously, most people believed the amount was low enough not to impact cognitive performance. But a few studies—including a new one lead by scientists at Harvard—suggest otherwise. In the new study, people scored an average of 101% higher on […]

The future is now: successful cryonic preservation of a brain – 未來就是現在: 成功冷凍保存大腦

For the first time, scientists have successfully preserved a mammalian brain using cryonics. Researchers used strong chemicals and low temperatures (-135 degrees Celsius) to preserve a rabbit’s brain—and found the combination kept the brain in near-perfect condition. Learn more on Newsweek: – 科學家首次成功地利用人體冷凍方法來保存哺乳動物的大腦。研究人員使用強烈性的化學物質和低溫(-135攝氏度) 來保存兔子的大腦,并發現這種組合令保存的大腦處於近乎完美的狀態。 要了解更多,請參閱Newsweek:

The brain’s “music room” – 大腦「音樂室」

Given the universality of music across cultures, scientists have long suspected that the brain had a special “music room”—an area devoted to detecting and understanding music. But until recently, this music room had proved elusive. Now, using a novel brain imaging approach, researchers at MIT have discovered neural pathways that respond to music of any […]

Research shows that the brain is wired to keep learning as we age. – 研究顯示,大腦內的神經連線可以讓我們無論在任何年齡,都能持續學習。

Some regions of the adult brain stay as malleable as a baby’s brain, so we can grow new connections, strengthen existing connections, and even create new neurons, allowing all of us to be lifelong learners. We didn’t always think that. Until five or six years ago, the prevailing notion was that we were born with […]

ADHD Emotions: How They Affect Your Life and Happiness (3) – 專注力不足過度活躍(ADHD)人士的情緒問題:足以影響患者的人生和幸福(3)

The emotion commotion of ADHD can hurt self-esteem, relationships, and just about everything else in life. Here’s what you should know to control it. (3) Disapproval from Others. The emotional response to failure is catastrophic for those with the condition. Perceived criticism and withdrawal of love and respect is just as devastating as the real […]