Cheese: As Addictive as Drugs? – 芝士:成癮性猶如毒品?

Find it hard to resist pizza? Cheese may be the culprit. According to a new study from the University of Michigan, pizza and other cheesy foods rank highest on a scale of food addiction. The researchers believe that may be because cheese is rich in casein, a chemical that releases opiates when digested—not unlike drugs. […]

Do Seasons Affect Depressive Symptoms? – 季節對抑鬱症狀真的有影響嗎?

Many people—psychologists among them—believe that depressive symptoms can have a seasonal component, becoming worse in winter months. But a new large-scale study of more than 34,000 people finds no evidence of seasonal variation. The study’s authors argue that their findings “… cast doubt on major depression with seasonal variation as a legitimate psychiatric disorder.” More […]

Hiring new part-time brain trainers!

We continue our expansion and plan to add more centres to our existing 4 locations! We are therefore looking for motivated PART-TIME BRAIN TRAINERS with the following requirements: Reliable, energetic, positive attitude, patient and professional; Chinese language not mandatory but good spoken English is a must; Flexibility, must be available typically from 3pm-7pm on weekdays, as well as […]