For better brain health, skip the soda – 要腦袋更健康就要少喝碳酸飲料

Recent research has found that drinking large quantities of sugary soda is correlated with poorer memory and smaller brain volume. But it’s not just the sugar that’s at fault; diet soda drinkers are also affected. More details here – 近期有研究發現,大量飲用含糖的碳酸水(汽水)會影響記憶力,更會令大腦縮水。不過,問題不光出在糖身上,飲用不含糖的碳酸水(減肥汽水),也會出現同樣的問題。 詳情請閱

Brain makes two copies of each memory – 大腦記憶有兩個備份

An interesting new finding has memory scientists puzzled, as it upends many previously held theories on how memories are formed. Recent research has found that when the brain forms a memory, it makes two copies—one in the hippocampus and one in the cortex. Find out why here   – 最近有一項有趣的新發現,讓從事記憶研究的科學家感到困惑,因為它推翻了過往很多有關於記憶形成的理論。研究發現,大腦形成記憶時,會產生兩個備份,  一個置於海馬區,另一個則置於大腦皮層區。 欲了解更多,請到


To all our students: all our centres remain open this afternoon Monday 12/06, as long as the Hong Kong Observatory doesn’t raise the T8 warning. Thank you. – 各位家長及學員:本中心今天照常開放,直到天文臺正式宣佈8號風球爲止。

7 undisputed truths about your brain – 關於大腦的七件不爭事實

Wired for speech Infants’ language learning and processing rely largely on the same brain circuits that adults use. Recent studies have shown activity in left-hemisphere speech centres in newborns as young as 2 to 5 days. Practice makes perfect learning We repeatedly activate the same circuit of synapses when we practice a skill, game, or […]

ADHD medecines cause bone density changes – ADHD藥物引致骨質密度改變

A large cross-sectional study has found that children and adolescents who take medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show decreased bone density. Researchers believe the finding should prompt physicians to address risk, and enact preventative strategies to avoid long-term consequences of low-bone density among children receiving medications for ADHD. Study results were presented at the 2016 […]

How is dyslexia diagnosed? – 如何診斷出讀寫障礙?

Dyslexia is a difficult disorder to diagnose. There are many factors the psychologist or other health professional reviews to diagnose the disability. The testing determines the child’s functional reading level and compares it to reading potential, which is evaluated by an intelligence test. All aspects of the reading process are examined to pinpoint where the […]

Brains of blind people rewired to enhance other senses – 失明人士的大腦會自我調整 令其他感官得以加強

There has long been anecdotal evidence that people who lose one sense—like sight or hearing—experience enhancement of remaining senses. Now, a new study using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has found evidence of significant brain rewiring in blind people that supports this theory.  Learn more at Science Daily here   – 長久以來,很多非正式的紀錄都指出,失去視覺或聽覺等其中一種感官的人士,他們其餘的感官能力都會出現漸漸增強的現象。最近,一份以磁力共振成像(MRI)進行的新研究證明,失明人士的大腦確實可以自行作出重大的調整,這正好證明了上述說法。 想了解更多,請到 Science Daily