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  • Test and assess your brain health
  • Boost your memory, attention & cognitive skills
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Important notes:

1. Your personal information is protected and will never be shared with third parties

2. Please ensure all the information above is correct. We will use your email address to send you assessment reports. Our AI system is using your birth date and gender to set appropriate tasks and analysis.

3. As you register in English, please note that the exercises, trainings and assessments will be carried out in English only

Test your
brain health

With our complete battery of online
neuropsychological tests, covering up to 17 tasks and
assessing up to 22 cognitive skills.

Boost your memory,
attention & cognitive skills

More than 60 brain games at your disposal if you
are concerned about memory loss, attention and
concentration struggles, organization skills.

Follow your
very own progress

See your cognitive strengths, areas for improvement,
and how your abilities improve over time with our brain
exercises that constantly adapt to your unique profile.


Once you verify your email successfully, you will have access to your free “Personal Assessment”, as well as our 10 different neuropsychological tests and 9 comprehensive cognitive training. For all ages from 7 years-old, our innovative techniques and engaging exercises are tailored to challenge and stimulate your cognitive skills, helping you push past your limits and achieve peak cognitive performance.

Our monthly training formula enables you to train your brain anytime and anywhere. Each session is 15-20 minutes long. We recommend at least 3 sessions a week. You should complete each session to allow our data-based program to compile and analyze your records. It will then prepare your next challenges accordingly, always pushing you up a little bit, in a very progressive and appropriate manner.

Our “Digital Solutions” is not a general online game. Our AI system focuses on your own cognitive profile and abilities. It adjusts constantly to your performance. It is not only personalized, it is actually uniquely tailored to your cognitive profile and your needs. You can see in-real time how you are performing, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you are improving over time.

All individuals from 7 years-old, as well as schools and any small or bigger organisations keen to assess and/or train their students, clients and stakeholders. Contact us directly if you want to develop a tailored-made IT solution to your situation and needs.

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