Frozen, Dried Berries Maintain Brain-Boosting Compounds – 急凍或干莓都能保留有益大腦的各種成分

You have probably heard that eating berries can benefit brain health, because they contain antioxidants and vitamins that support brain function. But what about dried or frozen berries? The good news: research has shown that freezing or drying berries does not appreciably change the antioxidant content. Learn more here – 大家都聽過進食各類莓類食物有利於腦部健康,因為它們含有多種促進大腦功能的抗氧化物及維他命。那麼,曬乾或冷藏的莓類又是否有這個效用呢?答案是肯定的。研究發現,莓類食物中的抗氧化物含量,並不會因為曬乾或冷藏而大量流失。

Can a common antibiotic help Alzheimer’s-affected brain cells? – 常見抗生素能有助治療受阿爾茨海默病影響的腦細胞嗎?

Scientists at the University of British Columbia are studying the effects of a common antibiotic, Ceftriaxone, on cell communication networks in the brains of rats with Alzheimer’s disease. While the research is still very preliminary, the researchers are hopeful that this finding may unlock new pathways to target in treating the disease at early stages. […]

How pregnancy changes brain structure – 懷孕如何改變腦結構

In an MRI study, researchers in Spain have charted how the brain changes after pregnancy. In the study, women had significant reductions in grey matter in certain parts of the brain. According to the researchers, “these changes concern brain areas associated with functions necessary to manage the challenges of motherhood,” and reflect a streamlining of […]

Each brain has a unique “fingerprint” – 每一個大腦都有其獨特的「指紋」

A group of scientists from several different institutions have come together to develop a non-invasive method of “fingerprinting” the human brain—and using these unique brain patterns, called connectomes, to identify individuals. The researchers were surprised to find that even identical twins shared only a small percentage of connectivity patterns. Learn more here     – […]