Typhoon Wipha and opening hours

Dear Students and Parents, Our centers remain open this afternoon and as long as the Hong Kong Observatory doesn’t raise the Typhoon 8 signal or the black storm signal.  

It’s not “just” Alzheimer’s

For years, researchers have been seeking a cure for Alzheimer’s. In doing so, much of their effort have been focused on the hallmark plaques and tangles that plague the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. But it turns out that dementia doesn’t usually reflect just one type of brain abnormality—which changes how researchers are thinking about prevention and […]

Summer 2019 Brain Fitness courses

Summer holiday is a great time to strengthen cognitive skills so your children don’t suffer from a “summer drain” and, on the opposite, prepare to succeed in the next school year! It’s definitely not your everyday class nor your usual summer camp: we use structured, interactive activities that target key areas of the brain to […]

No proven executive function advantage for bilingual children

Learning a second language in childhood is inherently advantageous for communication. However, parents, educators and scientists have been interested in determining whether there are additional cognitive advantages. One of the most exciting yet controversial findings about bilinguals is a reported advantage for executive function. That is, several studies suggest that bilinguals perform better than monolinguals […]

You are your brain’s priority

When you see a photo of a group, do you look at yourself first? It turns out your brain is designed to do just that. According to a new research study, our brains are naturally self-centered; they prioritize “self” even when it would be smarter not to do so. This self-centeredness may have implications for […]

“Lostness:” when the human brain can’t navigate

The human brain does a wonderful job of navigating through the landscape, with one important caveat: it relies on vision. In the deep dark of a cave or labyrinth, visual cues disintegrate, with the result that our internal navigation system falls apart. Know more here