News in Brain Food – 關於有益大腦的食物報導

Last month saw several studies published on potential brain foods. In a pair of studies from Temple University, olive oil was found to be better for short-term memory and symptoms of Alzheimer’s than canola oil—at least in mice. Another showed that children who eat fish twice a week had higher IQ scores and better sleep. […]

Global Pollution May Be Hurting Infant Brains – 全球污染或會損害嬰兒腦部

The first 1,000 days of life are especially important to brain development. But according to current statistics, almost 17 million infants may be at risk of damaged brain tissue and brain development issues due to pollution. CNN and UNICEF tell us more here –   人類首一千日的生命對腦部發展特別重要。但根據現時的數據顯示,由於污染問題,近一千七百萬名嬰兒可能正承受腦部組織及腦部發育受損害的風險。 想了解詳情,可參閲以下網站:

Selfish People Might Be Happier – 自私的人或許更快樂

Research by Dr. Masahiko Haruno shows that people who are “pro-social” (meaning they want an equal distribution of resources) tend to be more stressed and even suffer from depression more often than “individualists” (those who mostly care about getting the most resources for themselves). Find out why here, at Scientific American – 春野正彥博士的研究指出, “利社會主義者” (希望資源平均分配的人)比“個人主義者” […]

Can’t Stop Unwanted Thoughts? It Might Be Your GABA – 無法停止胡思亂想? 這可能與大腦的GABA有關

A new study shows that some people are better at controlling unwanted thoughts than others—and that this ability is related to the concentration of a certain neurotransmitter in the brain’s hippocampus. Those with more of the neurotransmitter GABA were better able to inhibit unwanted thoughts. The finding may have implications for the treatment of anxiety […]

At a glance: Learning and Attention issues and the brain – 關於學習、專注與大腦

Children with learning and attention issues often have trouble academically and sometimes also outside of school. But that doesn’t mean they can’t learn or that they are lazy. Research shows that certain areas of the brain don’t always function properly, affecting learning and behavior. Here’s how: – 有學習困難及專注力問題的小朋友,他們通常會在學業上遇到障礙,有時甚至在學業以外也會出現諸多麻煩,但這並不代表他們無法學習或懶惰。研究指出,這類小朋友的大腦某些部位無法長期運作正常,因而影響學習及行為。關於這些大腦部位如何影響學習及個人行為,以下簡單說明一下︰ 額葉:管理自控及集中力 額葉處理行為、情緒及抉擇功能。有些缺乏自控及集中力的小朋友,他們額葉部分的精神回路與人不同,這些負責傳送信息的通道欠缺系統,無法有效地收發信息;有些腦部的化學物未能發揮應有的作用;更有部分額葉的體積顯得比人小。 左顳葉和頂葉︰處理閱讀 左顳葉和頂葉位于大腦後半部,它們主宰聲音與符號的配對,還會協助將視覺處理的文字存到記憶中。有些患閱讀困難的小朋友,他們這些部位就不夠活躍;而且這些部位與其他處理閱讀功能的大腦部位之間亦出現溝通不足的情況。 小腦︰支配動作及平衡 小腦負責協調身體動作,包括一些較細微的動作,如寫字和綁鞋帶。此外,小腦也有保持平衡及控制身體姿勢的功能。研究人員一直都想了解小腦與其他腦部功能是否有某些可能的聯繫,包括與語言處理、情緒處理和專注力不足及過度活躍症的關係,但是暫時尚未有明確的結果證明有關的聯繫,故在科學家之間仍然有爭議。 頂葉︰處理數學 […]