Is your child living up to his/her potential?

At PowerBrain Rx, our personal brain training programs are designed to strengthen any cognitive skills that need it in order to maximize learning potential. We’ve spent nearly 10 years in Hong Kong researching, developing, and testing our cognitive training programs to address the root cause of learning difficulties or simply make strong brain skills even […]

How London cabbies are helping Alzheimer’s researchers

Becoming an official London cabbie is no small feat. To earn their “green badge,” they have to pass a difficult and comprehensive test of London’s 26,000 streets and the routes between them—which typically takes at least three years to complete. This intense study changes their brains: studies show that the hippocampus (a brain region closely […]

Brain “Drift”

The brain’s plasticity—its ability to change by constantly rewiring itself in response to new learning—is well established. But now scientists are finding that the brain may change even more than they thought. The general premise was that once neurons learned to represent something new—say, the smell of an apple—those neurons would remain roughly the same. […]

ADHD symptoms at different ages

Children and adults with ADHD often have trouble with: Focus Impulse control Managing emotions Memory Starting or finishing tasks It’s not always easy to spot ADHD symptoms. That’s partly because everyone acts in ways that can look like ADHD from time to time. That’s also because ADHD signs can look different at different ages. But children and […]

Changes in vision can affect cognitive function

When you can’t see with precision, it’s more work for the brain to figure out what’s happening around you. And more and more research indicate that can take a toll on memory, attention, and other cognitive functions. These cognitive changes may also be partly due to the fact that many people with vision loss often […]

Attention struggles

You don’t have to be ADHD to struggle with attention and concentration issues. Attention struggles come in many forms and manifest differently depending on the person’s age and gender. The Root Cause: Weak attention skills Types of Attention: • Sustained: staying on task for an amount of time • Selective: staying on task while being subjected […]

Robotic pets for Dementia patients

Although it can be challenging for people with dementia to care for a pet, they still may benefit from the companionship. That’s where robotic pets come in. A new study shows that interactive robotic cats boosted both mood and cognition in people with mild to moderate dementia, among other benefits. These improvements in the patient can, in […]

What is Working Memory?

Do you know what the difference is between Short Term Memory & Working memory? They are both almost sort of the same thing…. as they both do not hold information for very long, but short term memory simply stores information for a short while, while working memory retains the information in order to manipulate it. […]

Why we are taller than in centuries past

Throughout most of the world, the average person is taller than they were a century or so ago. In some countries, they are up to 7.8 inches taller. Most people understand that this growth can be attributed to better nutrition. But how, exactly, does nutrition help the body grow? New research shows the answer lies […]