The brain goes to work when you are sick

Two recent studies show that it’s not just the immune system that kicks in when you get sick—the brain actively coordinates the response. Two parts of the brain are particularly important in helping the body respond to illness in ways that fight a virus or bacteria: the hypothalamus directs the fever response, and contributes to […]

Assisting Girls with ADHD in Building Friendships

Developing friendships is a crucial aspect of growing up. They support children’s development of problem-solving skills, social skills, and group dynamics. They even assist children in developing a deeper sense of self. However, not every youngster is innately socially adept. It might be especially challenging for ladies with ADHD to make friends. Girls that are […]

A link between dental health and brain health

A new study has found that people with poorer dental health have a reduced volume in their hippocampus—a part of the brain that is important for memory. Prior studies have also linked dental health with heart health, and heart health with brain health—good reminders that the health of the brain and the body rely on […]

What happens in the brain when I am learning?

You may have heard people refer to the brain as plastic. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change and grow as you navigate the world around you. These brain changes underlie learning. You have more than 80 billion neurons in your brain. And when you encounter or interact with something in your environment, some of […]

ADHD: Benefits and Drawbacks of a Drug Holiday

Parents of kids on stimulant medication for ADHD frequently ask if their kids should take a summertime “drug holiday.” A planned, brief medication stoppage is referred to as a “drug holiday” or “structured treatment interruption” by medical professionals. During the summer or long holidays, parents who are concerned about side effects often take advantage of […]

The grieving brain

When we spent a lot of time with a person, and care deeply for them, they become part of ourselves, encoded into our brains. If we lose that person, the brain has to rewire itself to recognize and predict a world without that person in it—an intensive task that helps to explain some of the […]

Tutoring versus Brain Training?

Dear Parents, the reality is . . . waiting for your child to “grow out of” learning, reading, or attention difficulties is not really an option. Learning struggles rarely go away with time. On the contrary, waiting and hoping a problem will go away without appropriate intervention will only lead to frustration, poor grades, low […]

How to Help ADHD Girls Handle Their Periods

Periods are annoying for everyone, but they can be particularly challenging for girls with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to manage. Girls with ADHD frequently lack the attentional bandwidth necessary to deal with cramps, control mood swings, remember to pack tampons at all, or replace pads or tampons on a regular basis. Even while your daughter’s […]

ADHD Symptoms & ADD Symptoms

The first step to finding help with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is to understand ADD and ADHD symptoms. Symptoms of ADD or ADHD depend on a person’s diagnosis. Today, ADHD is broken down into three different types, and each type of ADHD has its own symptoms. The three types of ADHD are: Hyperactive-Impulsive ADHD, which […]