Insomnia: what happens when your brain doesn’t sleep? – 失眠:當您的大腦不睡覺會出現什麼問題?

We are always stressing how important sleep is for good brain function and long-term cognitive health. But what happens when your brain doesn’t sleep? Here is a fun, in-depth infographic from .Mic to break it down for you. – 我們經常強調睡眠對大腦功能和認知功能的長遠健康非常重要。 當您的大腦不能睡眠,又會有什麼事發生呢?答案非常有趣,就讓我們與你分享一下,這個由.Mic提供的深入分析資料圖表。 請參閲

Children in Multilingual Homes Communicate More Effectively – 在使用多種語言的家庭成長的孩子更懂得與人溝通

A new study published in Psychological Science has found that children raised in multilingual households tend to communicate more effectively than those raised in monolingual homes. The children don’t even need to be able to speak more than one language, but merely be exposed to another language at home. Learn more at: – 《心理科學》 (Psychological Science) […]

Meditation Changes the Brain – 冥想改變大腦

The effects of mindfulness and meditation on memory, happiness, and stress have been increasingly studied in recent years. Now, a Harvard study has found that there are specific changes in the brains of those who meditate. The study showed changes in people who meditated for 40 minutes a day for eight weeks. Find out more […]