Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature – 為什麼小孩需要花時間在大自然

21st century kids, raised on screens, are finding it less and less exciting to play offline—and especially to play outdoors. But kids who rarely engage with nature, experts say, are actually losing a lot, in terms of healthy development and stimulation. Read more and follow the link http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2015-8-18-why-spending-time-nature-good-kids.  This article was written by and for […]

New baby at home – How a New Father’s Brain Changes – 新生嬰兒在家-新手爸爸的大腦如何改變

MRI research has found that new fathers experience brain growth in regions associated with decision-making, emotion regulation, and motivation, including the amygdala and the hippocampus. While new moms see the most growth within a few weeks of the baby’s birth, new dads take several months for these changes to take effect. Read more at http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-a-new-father-s-brain-changes/ […]

Cycling May Benefit the Brain – 踏單車對大腦的益處

Two recent studies have looked at the benefits of cycling and found that it may benefit the brain in a variety of ways: In The Netherlands, one study found that people who used an exercise bike for 6 months show an increased density and connectivity in their brain’s white matter. An unrelated study from Taiwan […]

Myths about Dyslexia (3) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (3)

“Children with dyslexia aren’t as smart as other children.” Dyslexia is not related to IQ. Children with dyslexia struggle with the process of reading, not learning in general or acquiring information, and they are as intelligent and talented as any other group of kids. – “誤解:讀寫障礙的孩子沒有其他孩子聰明” 讀寫障礙和智商沒有直接關係。有讀寫障礙的孩子閲讀過程非常吃力,但一般的學習能力和吸取知識的能力不受影響,他們和其他孩子一樣聰明、一樣有才華。

Testimonial – 推薦

“After my Summer training at PowerBrain Rx, my Chinese teacher said that I have improved my memory, she also feels that I am more responsible, that I have gained more confidence and that I am more mature!! I feel that this programme and the trainers have helped me a lot! I am particularly thankful of […]