Is your memory reliable?

Lately, scientific studies have exposed how poor eyewitness accounts can be, calling into question how reliable our memories for an event really are. And studies show that in some ways, our memories are very weak. But a recent study showed that our memories (for a few days, at least) may be stronger than previously thought. […]

Is your phone making you better—or worse—at multitasking?

Using a smartphone often means switching between focuses: from a work email, to a social media post, to a personal message. Earlier studies suggested that this cognitive load was actually bad: that all this switching made you more distracted. New research suggests the answer is more complicated. Learn more from The Conversation – “Your phone […]

Why we feel so intensely: understanding ADHD emotions

Anger, outbursts, anxiety, irritability, impatience: more than most people, ADHDers can be driven by emotions. 01/13 Emotions Rule Few doctors factor in emotional challenges when making an ADHD diagnosis. In fact, current diagnostic criteria for ADHD include no mention of “problems with emotions.” Yet recent research reveals that those with ADHD have significantly more difficulty […]

Do you need a brain to sleep?

In a curious new study, scientists have found that sleep pre-dates the brain—meaning that animals don’t actually need a brain to sleep. In a tiny animal called the hydra, these researchers observed a “sleeplike state,” despite the fact that the hydra doesn’t actually have a brain. This provides “strong evidence that animals acquired sleep-related mechanisms […]