Scans show differences in brains of preschoolers with ADHD – 專注力不足及過度活躍症(ADHD)的學前兒童 大腦顯影異於常人

In an important new study, scientists have scanned the brains of preschoolers with symptoms of ADHD. They have found that even in four-year-olds (an age younger than most children are diagnosed) there are “really widespread changes” in the physical brain of children with ADHD, including a smaller brain overall. The researchers will continue to follow […]

A Cognitive “Heart Attack” – “突發性”認知失調

What happens when a person with psychosis loses touch with reality, experiencing the equivalent of cognitive “heart attack”? Is there a way to measure factors that might spur such occurrences so that we can take steps to prevent them, much as we do with cholesterol level and blood pressure for the heart? Daniel Barron, a […]

Neanderthals were no dummies – 尼安德特人並不愚笨

A new archaeological study has discovered that complex cave paintings in Spain were created at least 65,000 years ago—before modern humans lived there. That means the artists must have been Neanderthals. According to one of the researchers, “the conclusion has to be that Neanderthals were cognitively indistinguishable” from Homo sapiens. More on National Geographic: – […]