Summer 2018 Brain Fitness courses – 2018醒目夏令營

Summer holiday is a great time to strengthen cognitive skills so your children don’t suffer from a “summer drain” and, on the opposite, prepare to succeed in the next school year! It’s definitely not your everyday class nor your usual summer camp: we use structured, interactive activities that target key areas of the brain to […]

How Music Can Help with Alzheimer’s – 音樂可以如何幫助阿茲海默症

Caregivers and scientists alike have noticed that familiar music can soothe Alzheimer’s patients. Now, a new imaging study shows what’s happening in the brain when that happens. Listening to personal music lit up the visual network, the salience network, and several other parts of the brain, showing higher functional connectivity. As Dr. Norman Foster notes, […]

Picture books are good for the child brain – 繪本對兒童大腦發展有益

A new brain imaging study suggests that the combination of hearing a story and looking at illustrations may be better for a child’s brain than either an auditory story or an animation. That’s because it gives the brain enough scaffolding, but still asks them to integrate information, an important step in brain development. More details […]

About CHILD ANXIETY – 關於兒童焦慮症

Child anxiety is a widely misunderstood condition, especially when the child also has developmental delays. Anxiety doesn’t always look like anxiety.  Sometimes it appears as: Someone who seems cheerful and hard-working at school or work, but has meltdowns upon arriving at home. Someone who acts out at school, but becomes calm at home. A child […]