Our General Cognitive Assessment (C-PBA) + consultation

PowerBrain’s general cognitive assessment (C-PBA) provides you with a full assessment of a large number of cognitive skills such as your processing speed, your working memory, your visual and phonological short-term memories. In total, 8 cognitive skills are measured.


The results of the C-PBA are then discussed during your consultation with our specialist. This is generally described as an “Aha”! moment for many clients – you will finally have answers about why you or your child thrive in some areas, yet struggle in others!


We Test and Measure

You’ll have the answers you need to make informed decisions regarding the best intervention for your child or yourself.

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More Assessments available!

The following assessments are also available in our centres:

  • ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) from 3 years-old, price HK$8,500
  • ASD (Autism Diagnosis) from 2 years-old, price HK8,500
  • CDA (Comprehensive Developmental Assessment) 2-6 years-old, price HK$9,800
  • Psycho-educational Assessment 6-16 years-old, price HK$16,800
  • English Dyslexia Assessment 6-16 years-old, price HK$6,500
  • IQ test 2-60 years-old, price HK$7,500

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