Training vs Tutoring

Why PowerBrainRx is a radically different solution than tutoring.

We overcome learning problems by adressing the root cause of the struggle. Cognitive skills testing can answers the question why your child has difficulties.
After the initial screening, the PowerBrainRx’s powerful program consists of one-on- one, individualized training. Each session is personalized, perfectly adjusted to your child’s needs and progress.
PowerBrainRx training is designed to produce big improvements quickly, and lifelong lasting.


Who is PowerBrain Rx Ltd ?

Since 2012, the only cognitive brain training Centre in Hong Kong.
What ever your age or background, a team of carefully selected, dedicated and caring instructors and professionals welcomes you. We are passionate and proud that we can provide this unique, truly life changing brain training program to the Hong Kong people. With our personalized testing and one-on-one individualized training we will change your life or the life of someone your care for. Are you ready? We are. Welcome at PowerBrain Rx.