Supporting Children With Learning Disabilities: Boosting Confidence And Self-Esteem

Parents understand that their children are much more than their learning difficulties. They possess a wide range of talents and skills. However, children with learning disabilities often struggle to see themselves the way their parents do, as they spend a significant amount of time in academic settings that constantly remind them of their learning challenges. […]

Is it Common for Children to Outgrow Learning Disorders?

When a learning disorder is diagnosed in your child, it’s natural to have concerns about how their future will pan out. Your mind goes on a whirlwind. You begin to play scenarios in your head. You wonder if they will attend college like other kids and whether they will be able to get and hold […]

Climate change, the Camp Fire, and cognition

In 2018, a wildfire called the Camp Fire destroyed the town of Paradise, California and other nearby towns, killing more than 80 people. It’s not surprising that survivors’ mental health took a hit, with many experiencing PTSD from the event. But a new study shows survivors also experienced another brain change: their ability to handle […]

Addressing the Social Challenges Faced by Children with Learning Difficulties

When we consider children facing some sort of challenges with learning, we often associate their difficulties with reading, math, organization, attention, and focus in school. However, it’s important to recognize that the majority of students struggling with learning as well as attention disorders also encounter communication and social problems. These children struggle to connect with […]

More evidence for the Mediterranean and MIND diets

Over the past decade, several studies have suggested that both the Mediterranean and the MIND diets have benefits for the aging brain. (The MIND diet was specifically created to delay cognitive changes in aging, combining elements from the Mediterranean diet and the heart-healthy DASH diet.) Scientists have now taken this research a step further, conducting […]