ADHD medication vacation?

For some children, taking a break from their usual ADHD medication over the summer may be a good idea. But for others, a “drug holiday” can be a real mistake.   Learn more with about what to consider:

Blueberries or Brownies? The Brain and Dieting

When choosing what to eat, some people seem to have better will power than others. They are more likely to make decisions based on healthiness than momentary tastiness. A new study suggests that those people with greater control over what they eat also have more gray matter in certain parts of the brain.  Learn what […]

Calm voices = Calmer children

Children have a whole arsenal of tactics for evading things they don’t want to do, from ignoring instructions to whining and wheedling to active defiance. Your average parent is familiar with most of them. But some kids are definitely harder to manage than others, and almost every day we hear from parents who feel that […]

ADHD medecines cause bone density changes – ADHD藥物引致骨質密度改變

A large cross-sectional study has found that children and adolescents who take medication for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) show decreased bone density. Researchers believe the finding should prompt physicians to address risk, and enact preventative strategies to avoid long-term consequences of low-bone density among children receiving medications for ADHD. Study results were presented at the 2016 Annual […]

Can blood type affect brain health? – 血型會影響大腦健康?

New in The Scientific American: Blood type may affect brain function as we age, according to a new large, long-term study. People with the rare AB blood type, present in less than 10 percent of the population, have a higher than usual risk of cognitive problems as they age. People with O blood type may […]

Public Holiday! – 公眾假期!

All our centres are closed on Monday 02/07. Enjoy the holiday and see you on Tuesday ! – Power Brain Rx 所有中心於7月2日星期一休息, 星期二重開。 祝假日愉快!