Easter holidays! – 復活節快樂!

Happy Easter! During the holidays, all our centres will be closed on HK public holidays (Friday 30/03, Saturday 31/03 and Monday 02/04). Have a wonderful time with your families! – 復活節快樂!本中心將於復活節公衆假期間 ,即3月30日星期五、3月31日星期六和4月2日星期一,休息三天。特此通告。 祝你假日愉快!  

Students who are afraid of failing – 懼怕失敗的學生

Interesting article published in local Headline News,translated here for you: Many teachers assume students who are inattentive in class are lack of motivation.  Actually, some students do have motivation but their desire to run away from failure overtakes their desire for success.  The fear of failure is the main obstruction blocking their motivation. After working […]

Do Video Games Cause ADHD? – 電子遊戲會引致注意力不足過動症?

Does playing video games actually cause ADHD? Does it make it worse? Or does the intense focus this child brings to video games suggest that he doesn’t have ADHD after all? Special appeal with Bursts of attention First, there is no evidence whatsoever that TV or video games cause ADHD. That said, super-fast-paced TV shows and video […]