Can dyslexic children be ADHD as well, or have any other learning difficulties?

All learning disorders are defined by their main challenge. The challenge is universal, meaning that everyone with the disorder has it. The challenge also lasts longer than a few weeks or months. The main challenge of dyslexia is trouble learning phonics. People struggle to match letters to sounds. That affects learning to read and spell words, which can […]

Video: “How an addicted brain works”

This article from Neuroscience News features a short whiteboard video explaining how the brain changes as a result of addiction. Check it out if you’d like an informative, easy-to-understand primer on addiction in the brain. View now.

Embracing Neurodiversity: Understanding Autism

Neurodiversity is both a term and a movement that acknowledges and respects the natural variations in how people think, learn, and process information. It advocates for the fact that there is no one “right” way of learning, thinking, or behaving. It recognizes the fact that we are all different and our differences should be celebrated […]

Can music help me learn better?

Certainly, multiple studies have shown that musical training, like playing an instrument, can strengthen plasticity in your brain. After all, it is an activity that requires that your brain coordinate activity across a variety of different regions. When neuroscientists scan the brains of people playing an instrument, they see many areas are activated, including regions […]