Awe is Awesome for You

Research shows that experiencing the feeling of awe can be good for you—and your community. It humbles us and helps us see ourselves as part of something larger, which can enhance group harmony. One study also showed it can reduce symptoms of PTSD and improve scores of general happiness and satisfaction with life. Read on […]

The most common symptom of Dementia

What do you think is the most common symptom of dementia? A lot of people might guess memory loss, but the answer is actually apathy. Apathy is neither widely discussed nor studied—perhaps because it doesn’t seem as disruptive as other symptoms, though it has devastating effects on quality of life. A new study aims to […]

Is the internet changing our brains?

A new report completed by an international team of researchers concluded that internet use can make significant changes in our attention and memory, partly because it tends to makes us engage in “media multi-tasking,” where we flit from one topic to another. What does that mean for the long-term health of the brain? Find out […]

Hearing aids may help protect the brain

How’s your hearing? If it’s not as good as you’d like, you might want to look into a hearing aid. New research shows that wearing hearing aids may help people maintain cognitive function and reduce the risk of dementia. Learn more here, on

Researchers again link gum disease and Alzheimer’s

You might want to pick up the dental floss after hearing this: scientists have found bacteria associated with chronic gum disease in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. They have also confirmed (in rodent studies) that the bacteria secrete a toxic protein that sabotages neurons, and increase the production of the amyloid plaques that are […]