How to Give Effective Instructions – 如何給予有效的指令

The first step to harmony at home is making sure children understand what they’re being told to do. Sometimes the way instructions are given can be just as important as what you’re trying to communicate: Be direct. Make statements rather than asking questions. Be close. Give instructions when you are near the child, rather than calling out from […]

The 10% myth – 你知道嗎?

The idea that we use only 10 percent of our brain at any given time is a myth. It seems to have arisen out of early neuroscience findings that identified “silent” areas in the cortex that were not responsive to sensory stimulation. It is now known that these areas, far from silent, are actually involved […]

Season’s Greetings! – 僅祝聖誕及新年快樂!

During the festive season, our centres will be closed on HK public holidays (26/12, 27/12 and 02/01) and open on all other days. Have a wonderful time with your families! – 佳節期間,本中心除公衆假期(十二月二十六、二十七及一月二日)外,會照常開放。 祝闔府安康!

7 tips to turbocharging your brain(6) – 七個小貼士助你快速增進腦力(6)

Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance. Tip 6: Innovate.  Stepping outside your routine is important to brain health and performance. Our brains seek novelty and innovation, so challenge yourself to expand your knowledge and learn new skills. – 以科研爲基礎的小貼士,助你速進大腦皮層的活動,提升認知表現。 貼士6: 創新 擺脫日復一日的重複狀態,對維持我們大腦的健康及性能都非常重要。大腦尋求新奇和創新,所以請挑戰自己,擴闊自己的知識層面和學習新的技能。

Exercise help school children’s brain power – 運動幫助學童大腦發展

A consensus statement from researchers in eight countries says that exercise is vital not only to a child’s physical and mental health, but also academic performance. Just one session of moderate exercise has been shown to have an “acute benefit” on academic performance, cognition and brain function. More at “The Mirror”: – 八個不同國家的研究人員發表的一項共識聲明表示,運動不僅對孩子的身體和心理健康至關重要,而且還對孩子的學習成績有著重要影響。已有證明顯示單單一次適度的運動,對孩子學術上和認知表現,以致大腦功能都有「顯著效益」。 想了解更多,請參閱: […]

7 tips to turbocharging your brain(5) – 七個小貼士助你快速增進腦力(5)

Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance. Tip 5: Calibrate mental effort. Mental energy, like physical energy, can be depleted. Prioritize your day by focusing effort on the most important tasks while your brain is at peak operating power, usually at the start of the day. – 以科研爲基礎的小貼士,助你速進大腦皮層的活動,提升認知表現。 貼士5: 調校心力 心理能量就像我們的體力一樣,可以被耗盡。而我們的大腦通常在早上會處於最佳狀態,所以,應該把最重要的事情安排在一天開始的時段集中處理。