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The Cognitive costs of COVID

A new study (not yet peer-reviewed) on 84,000 people found that there can be severe cognitive consequences from a COVID-19 infection, even after other symptoms are gone. In the study, researchers from Imperial College London found that some people experienced cognitive decline similar to 10 years of aging. Reuters tell us more here

Insight into a Child’s Mind

Have you ever been around a child who completely lost it because of some simple change—a broken cracker or a sandwich cut “wrong,” for example? It turns out these tantrums can arise because young children generally can’t understand “conservation”—that things can be the same even if they look different. With the New York Times here, […]

Mapping Our Lives

People are constantly creating “mental maps” to understand the relative location of places. That’s what allows us to find our way around the environment we inhabit. But mental maps do much more than that. Studies show that people use mental maps for many more abstract tasks, too—including organizing social relationships. Learn more in Scientific American about just […]