The Distinct Evolution of Dopamine – 多巴胺的不同進化

A new study suggests that one of the bigger differences in the brains of humans and apes relates to the system that controls the production of dopamine, the “pleasure” chemical. In a multicenter study, the brains of chimpanzees, macaques, and humans were only subtly different…except in a gene in the neocortex. More details in […]

Restful retirement has a downside – 休閒退休生活的弊處

We have already alerted you on the cognitive risks of retiring too early. A new study conducted in the UK shows more accurately that memory declines 40% faster once people retire. More details here, on The Telegraph – 我們已經提醒過大家關於認知障礙或過早退休的風險。一項英國的新研究更明確的指出,人們一旦退休,記憶力衰退速度會增快百分之四十。 想了解更多詳情,請瀏覽以下網站:

When the Brain Is Heartbroken – 當大腦心碎的時候

It hurts when your heart gets broken. In fact, scientists have found that heartbreak activates mechanisms in the brain that are similar to those that are activated when we experience physical pain. What’s more, the brain goes through withdrawal—similar to the withdrawal from drugs. Psychology Today tells us more about how else heartbreak affects the […]

Chinese New Year 2018 – 農曆新年假期

Happy Chinese New Year of the Dog! Please note that our centres will be closed on HK public holidays (16/02, 17/02 and 19/02) and open on all other days. Have a wonderful time with your families! – 祝大家狗年如意吉祥! 本中心將於公衆假期間(二月十六日、十七日及十九日)休息,並於二月二十日重新開放。祝大家假期愉快!

10 ways to keep Stress under control – 10個處理壓力的方法

Besides increasing your risk of heart disease, depression and obesity, prolonged stress state decreases your cognitive performance. Here are 10 strategies used by smart people to cope with it, and keep it under control: 1. They Appreciate What They Have 2. They Avoid Asking “What If?” 3. They Stay Positive 4. They Disconnect 5. They […]

Space Travel Changes the Brain – 太空之旅會改變人的大腦

Astronauts often report visual problems and pressure in their heads while in space. A new study suggests that might be because space travel actually changes the shape of the brain—and it’s more common the longer you’re in space. More at HealthLine: – 不少太空人都曾經指出,在逗留太空期間,視覺會出現問題,而頭部更會感到壓力。 一項新的研究發現,太空航行本身可能真的會改變大腦的形狀——而且在太空的時間越長,這種現象就越普遍。 想了解更多,請到︰