A new angle on Alzheimer’s

One of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s is the build-up of amyloid plaques in the brain. These plaques damage neurons and disrupt function. A new study shows some hope for preventing the formation of these plaques. For the study, researchers looked at the lymphatic system—responsible for draining waste from the brain—in mice. They found that if […]

Summer 2021 Brain Fitness courses

Summer holiday is a great time to strengthen cognitive skills so your children don’t suffer from a “summer drain” and, on the opposite, prepare to succeed in the next school year! It’s definitely not your everyday class nor your usual summer camp: we use structured, interactive activities that target key areas of the brain to […]

Post-Pandemic: get back to new experiences

During the COVID pandemic, many of us have been stuck at home a lot of the time. One of the negative side effects of that for our brains: the lack of novel experiences. When we meet new people, are surprised by something we haven’t seen before, or even just go buy a new air conditioner […]

Musical Connections

Yet another study has shown that mastering a musical instrument has amazing brain benefits. In the largest imaging study comparing musicians and non-musicians to date, scientists at the University of Zurich have shown that the brains of musicians were “vastly more structurally and functionally connected” than the brains of those of us who don’t play […]