Cute animal photos are irresistible to the brain – 大腦容易被可愛的動物相片吸引

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard to resist clicking on a cute kitten picture? Blame your brain! Cute things like baby animals dose your brain with a hit of pleasure-inducing dopamine. The good news: this chemical flow can help you focus and concentrate in subsequent tasks. Learn more here – 為什麼我們一看到可愛的小貓相片,就會情不自禁地按入圖片的連結?這都是大腦作怪,因爲當我們看到可愛的東西,如貓寶寶時,大腦會釋放出令人愉悅的多巴胺。更讓人高興的是,這些多巴胺能讓你在接下來的工作中更專注、更集中。 想了解更多,請參閱

Bilinguals have better attentional control – 雙語人士的專注力更強

Recent research from the University of Birmingham has found that people who are bilingual have better attentional control. This enhanced cognitive capacity may be responsible for some of the other brain benefits attributed to bilingual brains. Find out why: – 伯明翰大學近期的一項研究發現,雙語人士有更強的專注力。大腦雙語能力的開發,或有助帶動腦部其他某些方面的發展,如認知能力。 欲了解當中原因,請到:

Testimonial – 推薦

“Words can’t express our gratitude to all teachers at Powerbrain for helping shape Anders into a confident and much more focused learner in the classroom environment. It did not take long before we saw the miraculous change in Anders’ behaviour in school.  First, he said he was a lot less easily distracted.  Soon after, it was the class teacher who emailed us […]

ADHD Emotions: How They Affect Your Life and Happiness (7) – 專注力不足過度活躍(ADHD)人士的情緒問題:足以影響患者的人生和幸福!(7)

The emotion commotion of ADHD can hurt self-esteem, relationships, and just about everything else in life. Here’s what you should know to control it. (7) ADHD Emotion: How It Affects Behavior Some ADHDers find that the pain of failure is so bad that they refuse to try anything unless they are assured of a quick, […]

7 tips to turbocharging your brain (3) – 七個小貼士助你快速增進腦力 (3)

Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance. Tip 3: Detox distractions. On average, individuals work for three minutes at a time before being interrupted. Complicating matters, technology is actually rewiring our brains to be addicted to interruption, as we anxiously wait for the next ping signaling a new email, text or social media […]