Supporting neurodiverse students

A new school year offers an exciting fresh start, but it can also bring new challenges for children who are neurodiverse — that is, kids who have a learning disability, ADHD, or are on the autism spectrum. While these kids have a wide range of academic strengths and weaknesses, there are three areas where neurodiverse students […]


We’re often told to “just breathe” when particularly exasperated, stressed, or sorrowful. But what kind of breathing is most helpful? A new research study has shown that it’s a form of sighing—a longer exhalation than inhalation. In the study, “cyclic sighing”—even as few as three sighs in a row—helped people feel less anxious and stressed. […]

From Dream to Reality

If a person starts to “act out” their dreams—such as moving their legs in bed while they’re running in a dream—it could indicate a neurological problem. This disorder, called “REM sleep behaviour disorder,” can be a sign of Parkinson’s disease and other brain disease—though can also have more benign triggers. More on this here, on […]

Does my “learning style” determine how I best learn?

There is no such thing as “learning styles.” The notion that some people are better at learning new material when it is presented in one format over another, is a neuromyth. Many studies do show that presenting students with new material in multiple ways, say, reading a chapter and then creating a visual arts poster, is […]

Why You Love Your Sports Team

Have you heard of parasocial relationships? In essence, they are one-sided relationships, where a person feels emotionally invested in another person or group they don’t personally know—like a television actor or popular band. People often form these relationships with their sports teams: the team’s wins and losses are deeply felt. Why do sports teams generate […]

Mental health on high heat

It’s well established that extreme heat affects brain function and mental health for the worse, with hotter days showing higher rates of suicide and violence. Scientists believe sleep disruption and heat’s effect on the brain chemical serotonin play a role in this dynamic—but the exact mechanisms of what is happening in the brain are poorly […]